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Counselling is the ultimate in self-care. Exploding 5 myths about counselling

By BlueBell | 24/09/2019

People often feel they have to be really struggling before they “need” therapy but in reality, if there is any area of your life that you feel a bit held back or just uneasy about then counselling can probably help.  If you had a niggle with your physical health, a recurring headache, an issue with…

The power of the great outdoors

By BlueBell | 07/08/2019

A good friend recently asked me about the effects of being outside in the lush green of a summer garden and it got me thinking of the many research articles on this very thing and how sometimes we underestimate its power. On one of the Facebook counselling forums I belong to someone also asked for…

RED January

By BlueBell | 07/08/2019

Some of you may have heard of an initiative run by Mind called RED January, it stands for Run Every Day and last January I signed up for it. I failed miserably having given up before I really started. Many interpret it as exercising every day instead of running but I didn’t even manage this!…